Custom solutions

In vitro Target Validation - Signal pathway investigation

Stable or transient cell transfection

Protein/protein interaction (case study)

Antagonist competition

Cell uptake



Gene expression

Biomarker discovery and detection

Proteome analysis

Gene expression analysis

Quantitative detection method set up (immunoenzymatic, mass spectrometry, real time PCR)

Protein identification and characterization

MALDI imaging of endogenous or exogenous unlabeled compounds (small molecules and proteins) (case study 1, case study 2).

Peptide mass fingerprinting by protease digestion  (proteins are digested with trypsin and the resulting peptides are analyzed by LC-MS/MS) (case study).

Protein mapping (processing with multiple enzymes, identification reported for individual enzymes).

Proteome and phospho-proteome qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis by 2-DE followed by image analysis.

Phosphorilation and glycosilation sites determination through MS/MS (from an high purity sample).

Protein/Proteome Profiling (qualitative profile of a complex sample).

ImmunoPrecipitation-Profiling (ID of  immunoprecipitated or co-immunoprecipitated proteins; these experiments can be used to profile the protein content of a sample).

Quality control

Contamination detection from Mycoplasma, bacteria, viruses (case study), production processes (nucleic acids, nucleases, endotoxins).

Qualitative analysis of  low /high molecular weight compounds for purity/identity/homogeneity verification  by mass spectrometry or HPLC-UV.


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