Biodistribution (case study)

CYPs Inhibition/Induction


Drug Solubility

In-vitro Intrinsic Clearance

Membrane Permeability

Metabolic Stability

Protein Binding

Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation

Quantitative analysis of proteins in complex matrices (case study) (method setup and validation, analysis) using immonoenzymatic assays or by tryptic digestion and SRM.

Quantitative analysis of nucleic acids (case study) in complex matrices (method setup and validation, analysis) using Real time PCR.

LC-MS/MS for quantitative analysis of small molecules and peptides (case study)  (method setup and validation, analysis) using SRM or MRM mode.


PK/TK and Biomarkers analyses, if required by regulatory authorities, can be performed according to GLP and relevant ICH, EMEA, and FDA guidelines and routinely audited by our Quality Assurance Group.



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