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ABLE Biosciences lies in Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero at Colleretto Giacosa (province of Turin), 5 minutes from Ivrea, an intersection point of the motorways connecting Turin, Milan and the tunnels under the Alps to France (Mont Blanc) and Switzerland (Great Saint Bernard). Thanks to its geographical position, the Park can be easily reached from all major European cities by car, train and plane.

By car

The Park is connected with the most important Italian and European centres (A4/A5). France and Switzerland are 100 kilometres away passing through Mont Blanc, Great St. Bernard and Frejus tunnels.

By plane

In addition to domestic flights, the international airport Torino Caselle has daily flights to Paris, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Zurich. Caselle can be reached in 30 minutes from the park. Other suitable airports are Linate (150 km away), Malpensa (125 km) and Genova (180 km), all of them linked to Ivrea by motorway.