Company profile

GEM FORLAB gives continuity to the experience of ABLE Biosciences as a global provider of scientific technology and services to the Life Science industry. It delivers solutions to companies of all size and shapes.

GEM FORLAB performs its activities by means of three technology areas:

•Organic Chemistry
•Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics
•Cell and Molecular Biology & Immunoassay


The Chemistry Unit provides all essential components for early drug discovery such as synthesis of chemical intermediates, process impurities, reference compounds, drug metabolites, and pro-drug; lead generation and optimization; bioconjugate chemistry; targeted molecules for MRI and others Molecular Imaging techniques.

ABLE Biosciences is a Test Facility GLP certified for small and large molecules quantitative analysis in biological matrices by means of Mass Spectrometry, Immunometric assays and qPCR and it is included in OsSC register of Private Laboratories qualified to perform analysis on samples derived from drug clinical trials (phase I-II-III) in compliance with GCP.